Quale è il valore dei dati CXM?

AICEX: il CXM può generare tanti dati, ma quale è il vero valore? – 

Customer experience management (CEM) programs can generate a lot of data. The value of these data is based on their utility to improve the customer experience and the overall quality of the customer relationship. Companies, to be successful need to effectively organize and analyze these large data sets as well as disseminate resulting information to the employees (from senior management to front-line employees) who need insights to deliver a better customer experience. Understanding, aggregating and analyzing customer feedback data starts with a business model. Because of the nature of the data is customer-related, this business model needs to be customer-centric. This business model will help guide data analysis and will, ultimately, lead to business decisions that are customer-centric.

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Customer Service: top trend

NOTA AICEX: rispolveriamo i top trend per il Customer Service nel 2014 proposti da Forrester. Sono ancora attuali?


In the Age Of The Customer, executives don’t decide how customer-centric their companies are – customers. In an attempt to move the needle on customer service operations, in order to keep customers satisfied and loyal to your brand, these are the top trends that you should be paying attention to. You can get my full report here.

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Come misurare al meglio la felicità dei clienti

NOTA AICEX: l’indicatore NPS è ampiamente utilizzato da tante aziende per misurare la soddisfazione dei loro clienti. Ci ricordiamo ancora i vecchi metodi? 

Customer service was simpler in the era before big box chains and online shopping. Back then, to delight his clients, a business owner simply needed to offer fair prices, convenient hours and honest advice. To really make an impression, he might deliver a customer’s purchases to his home or ask the shopper about her children. He probably knew most of the families he served.

Best of all, business owners had an excellent, instant measure of success: A customer’s smiling face.

Many transactions today involve very little human contact. Consumers can buy just about anything they want on their phones (after browsing online reviews and price comparison sites first, of course) while waiting in line for their morning coffee. And if a customer doesn’t like her latte, she may just dash off a complaint to the store’s Twitter feed instead of telling the barista. Or when shopping, if she’s not sure how a dress fits, rather than seeking honest advice from a sales clerk, she might post a photo on Instagram to get input from her friends.

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