La tua azienda è customer-centrica?

NOTA AICEX: esploriamo insieme cosa significa customer-centricity quando la maggior parte dell’interazione avviene lontano dal customer service tradizionale.

Southwest Airlines


Forbes magazine recently published an interesting focus on marketing recently that explored various examples of customer service from companies such as Apple, Southwest Airlines, and Zappos.

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La Customer Experience è il nuovo Marketing: il caso Mercedes

NOTA AICEX: Mercedes dimostra come la Customer Experience sia così importante da essere diventata parte integrante del processo di marketing dell’azienda.


I have been talking to a lot of people over the past year about the way that customer service is taking on a new importance in most organizations. Of course most executives say that the ‘customer comes first’, but I believe that many companies are now looking to their customer facing team for ideas, leadership and competitive advantage.

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