Come risolvere il più grande problema con la Customer Loyalty

How to solve the customer loyalty problem

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Written by Vivek Jaiswal | Co-founder, Customer Guru

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of customer loyalty? Is it a customer that sticks by your company through thick and thin or is it those loyalty cards that many companies use as an excuse for building customer loyalty? If it is the latter, you’ve got your whole perspective wrong!

Customer loyalty is not something that is given, it is something that your company should earn.

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Forbes: 16 Customer Service and Experience (CX) Trends For 2016

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What does the future of customer service and customer experience look like?

Before we can predict the future, we must understand a little about the past and a lot about the present. To see where we’re going, at least in the next year or two, just look at what’s been trending in the last twelve months. Now, some of these have been trending for much longer than a year. Our first item on the list is a perfect example. I said the same thing about customers being smarter than ever last year, and even the year before. Then there are cutting edge trends, such as cognitive analytics, where computers are thinking, not just computing.

So, here are 16 of what I see as the most obvious trends in customer service and experience that are relevant to the majority of businesses.

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