La tua azienda è customer-centrica?

NOTA AICEX: esploriamo insieme cosa significa customer-centricity quando la maggior parte dell’interazione avviene lontano dal customer service tradizionale.

Southwest Airlines


Forbes magazine recently published an interesting focus on marketing recently that explored various examples of customer service from companies such as Apple, Southwest Airlines, and Zappos.

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Business Transformation: gli impatti sulla CX

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AICEX : Tutti parlano di Business Transformation, capirne di più aiuta – 

The term “Business Transformation” is popping up everywhere—from websites to business journals and marketing collateral. According to recent research, 49% of enterprise BPO clients are shifting toward a two-pronged requirement of both operational and transformational service needs. It’s a simple fact: all companies today are under tremendous pressure to reduce costs while also increasing customer satisfaction. And that’s a fine balance—one that calls for real change in business processes and technology capability. This level of business process change calls for an experienced partner with specific competencies.

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5 modi per fornire un’esperienza di Client Service memorabile

Nota Aicex: tutte le aziende ritengono di fornire servizi di qualità. Come facciamo a dimostrarlo? Come possiamo sapere se la qualità fornita è migliore o peggiore rispetto al passato? Ken Grady ci insegna 5 modi per garantire un’esperienza memorabile.

“When Americans say it was great, I know it was good. When they say it was good, I know it was okay. When they say it was okay, I know it was bad.” Laura Klos Sokol



We all provide quality services. We know that, because we tell everyone we provide quality services. No one has shown us a convincing argument to the contrary, so we must be right. But how do we demonstrate that we really provide quality services? How do we know our quality is improving or, shudder, declining? We always want to find ways to demonstrate the value of what we do, but demonstrating quality service is a tough one.

When I moved from being a service provider to companies to being a service provider inside a company, my boss gave me his view on how our business clients evaluated the quality of our services. I have tested his theory over the years, and realized he was on to something.

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