McKinsey: I “consumer trends” per i prossimi 15 anni


AICEX: tra 15 anni potremmo sempre dirvi “ve lo avevamo detto”.

In light of dramatic changes in the consumer landscape, how can retail and packaged-goods executives prepare for the future?

December 2015 | byRichard Benson-Armer, Steve Noble, and Alexander Thiel

What can happen in 15 years?
A look back at 2000 shows how much the world can change in just a decade and a half. Back then, about 30 percent of people in developing countries lived in extreme poverty, compared with less than 15 percent today.1 Only 12 percent of people owned a mobile phone; now, more than 60 percent do. Facebook, which today has almost 1.5 billion users, hadn’t launched yet. These and other developments have changed how consumers live, think, and shop—and the changes are only going to accelerate. What’s going on in the world economy is “no ordinary disruption,” as our colleagues have explained at length.2

Big data: grandi benefici per consumatori e retailer

NOTA AICEX: i dati dei consumatori sono un argomento scottante; per la prima volta, una ricerca negli Stati Uniti e nel Regno Unito dimostra come la maggior parte degli intervistati sia d’accordo a condividere i propri dati personali con i retailer


Personal data is a prickly topic. Businesses want to get their hands on it, consumers want to keep a hold of it, and many of us – businesses and consumers – are still a bit unsure as to all the rules and regulations surrounding it. Or at least that’s how it seems.

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