Forbes: Co-Creating The Customer Experience

AICEX Certo non possiamo poi aspettarci i wow factors ma la cocreazione ha sempre il suo fascino, e agisce fortemente sull’engagement e la loyalty.

by Micah Solomon , CONTRIBUTOR

More and more, in my consulting work with companies and brands, we end up co-creating customer service and customer experience solutions together with the company’s actual customers. While co-creation is no substitute for improving the customer service provided directly by your staff, nor for innovative leadership efforts to improve the customer experience, it has a value that is growing quickly and should not be overlooked.

Even, as we’ll see below, in creating better solutions for adults suffering from incontinence.

Co-creating support solutions

Customer support is often now a co-creation in a way that my friend JD Peterson, formerly of Zendesk and now SVP of Marketing for, calls “unsourcing”: your customer support isn’t outsourced, or “insourced, it’s unsourced: for example, if your Macbook Pro screen is flickering [hold that hatemail, fellow fanboys: I know this is an unlikely scenario], do you call Apple? Maybe, but I’ll bet you first do a search online to find out what Macrumors and the kid in the basement next door or half a world away have to say about a solution. Similarly, when I recently spoke with Google on the improvements they’ve made to their Adwords support, they gave emphasis not just to how they have improved one to one support, but also how much emphasis they put on their crowdsourcing support tools.

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