Perché avete bisogno di ambasciatori del brand

Nota Aicex: avere degli ambasciatori può aiutare un brand? Certamente si tratta di una buona di fonte di passaparola, specie sui social media.

I’m excited to have Adam Ulivi, an Internet Marketing Specialist with Tari Digital guest post today on the topic of developing your brand through brand evangelists. Brand evangelists can be a figure within your organization, like a Steve Jobs at Apple, or a Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook.

Brand evangelists can be community members, like customers, partners, or service providers who provide an authentic, human voice that extols the virtues of your brand, service, or product. In the end, brand evangelists are a key component of one of the best sources of advertising, word-of-mouth, or in today’s digital age, word-of-keyboard.

Brand Evangelists are Free Marketing Sources

There was a time when a marketing campaign consisted of producing a mass media commercial and telling the audience that the product was the best at what it did. This evolved into a more subtle, physiological approach of showing how the product would benefit you and your basic desires, to become (or at least appear) wealthier, healthier, sexier, happier and efficientier (OK, the last one isn’t a real word). Continua a leggere “Perché avete bisogno di ambasciatori del brand”