4 elementi per garantire la Customer Experience

4 Steps to Ensuring Customer Experience Comes First

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Thanks to the Internet and social media, today’s customers, armed with websites, blogs and peer-to-peer recommendations, are more knowledgeable and demanding than their counterparts at any time in history.

As such, successful entrepreneurs must not only deliver a high-quality product or service. They must do so in a manner that provides a memorable experience to win over and retain these customers.

Recently on my KCAA Money Talk radio program, Miles Dinsmoor, CEO of digital advertising firm Modus Operandi, advised about customers: “Make sure that you are giving them a premium experience and that you are really answering their questions about the product.”

As Deepa Prahalad and Ravi Sawhney’s Map the Future of Design for Enhanced Customer Experience suggested, “The key to developing truly breakthrough products and services can be found in first understanding the consumer experience and then innovating meaningful ways of transforming it.”

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