Le 10 leggi della Customer Experience


AICEX: quali sono i segreti di Airbnb e Zappos per avere successo ed essere dei brand ammirati? Scopriamolo assieme – 

Having a strict focus on customer experience will lead to your company becoming an admired brand.

More often than not, an admired brand can also lead to financial success. Companies such as Westjet,Airbnb and Zappos make customer experience a top priority and reap the benefits in all aspects of their business. Regardless of the size of your business, you can use these laws to your advantage to beat your competition.

In this post, I outline 10 laws you can use as a check list to evaluate the state of your company’s customer experience.

For the entire list of 28 traits, receive it here.

Law #1: Executives and managers want to uncover the good as much as they want to discover the bad.

Customer focused companies don’t hide when poor service is delivered; they run to understand why.

Law #2: Inspect what you expect to ensure uninterrupted service is being delivered.

Customer experience driven organizations are always evaluating the current state of their customer experience through voice of the customer programs, customer advisory boards and mystery shopping.

Law #3: Have your management team rub shoulders with your frontlines.

The CEO’s of customer centric companies aren’t arrogant or feel that they are above their frontline employees.

Law #4: Never say “that’s the way we’ve always done it.” Be willing to embrace change to improve.

Law #5: Part with customers who are demeaning your employees. A customer centric company will stand behind their employees when a customer is being irrational. They will sacrifice the numbers to save a relationship with their employees.

Law #6: “What’s the ROI of customer experience?” isn’t asked, it’s understood. Customer centric organizations never question the power of a superior customer experience strategy.

Law #7: Customer related initiatives and strategies are always on yearly strategic plans. They give customer experience the same attention that marketing receives. The majority of companies invest more in marketing than customer experience.

Law #8: Believe that organizational silos are the poison to create customer experience strategies. The departments of these company’s all work together to create a seamless customer experience.

Law #9: Customer experience is the foundation of a superior sales strategy. Customer centric companies enjoy high repeat purchases and referrals from existing customers which gives them an organic sales lead generation.

Law #10: Long term investments in customer experience strategies are accepted, even when the ROI is years away. Customer centric companies are patient.

Companies such as Apple, Zappos and Disney have a reputation of being admired and can be found on Fortune magazines Most Admired list. I believe companies like Bevel and Zendesk will be on that list one day.
SOURCE: http://michelfalcon.com/10-customer-experience-law-become-admired-company/

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