Mappa che ti passa



AICEX: Ricordiamo che dopo il Customer Journey Mapping dovrebbero seguire gli action Plan e una nuova mappatura a valle degliAction Plan 🙂

Defining the journeys that matter and deciding where to begin the transformation requires both top-down, judgment-driven evaluations and bottom-up, data-driven analysis; pursuing both of these efforts in parallel is the best approach.

A journey mapping session, drawing on existing research, may be sufficient to identify the most significant journeys and the pain points within them. That research is typically fragmented and often includes data on the customer volume in a given journey, reasons for call center complaints, and obvious gaps in performance.

  • Examples would be discrepancies between promises made in marketing materials and services actually delivered, or inability to connect customer touch points across various channels.

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Il 2015 è l’anno dell’empatia?


NOTA AICEX: Alcuni grandi esempi di empatia con i propri clienti.

In my post on customer experience trends for this year, I named 2014 as “The Year of Empathy.” Empathy is a critical component to any customer experience effort. To help ignite the discussion on this important topic, we launched the Amplify Empathy Challenge as part of the overall Amplify Empathy Movement.

We asked people to share how they’ve raised customer empathy within their organizations and Temkin Group committed to awarding up to $2,500 for the best ideas. We had a number of great submissions, which made it hard to decide, but we selected the five winners below (all receiving a $500 gift certificate). We added the titles to their entries, but the rest of the description is exactly what they submitted on the Amplify Empathy site.

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