Satisfaction e Loyalty, una differenza importante



AICEX: Talvolta “dimentichiamo” la differenza e le implicazioni che questa comporta sul Business. 

Customer Satisfaction Definition

Customer satisfaction is a customer’s perceived satisfaction or happiness with a company based on their overall experience with the company’s products and services, the way they’re treated by employees and all other interactions they’ve had with the company. A company’s customer satisfaction score is normally based on data collected in surveys.

It’s important to remember that customer satisfaction can:

  • be fleeting and fickle – here today, gone tomorrow. A customer reevaluates their level of satisfaction with your company after every individual interaction they have. Their online experience may have been great, but a later phone conversation may have been horrible so their response to your question, “are you satisfied,” could change from one day to the next.
  • provide a false sense of security to your company.  For example, cable television customers who have only one service provider available to them in their area may say that they are satisfied with their service because they haven’t experienced any problems. However, they would switch providers in a minute if a competitor came to town with a lower price or more features.

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