IKEA e l’esperienza di acquisto divertente


5 Ways Ikea Makes Furniture Shopping A Fun Experience

Perhaps not everybody, but a noteworthy amount of people would consider going to Ikea as a legitimate idea for a cute date or a fun day activity with family. How did this emerge? It’s furniture shopping! Arguing over what bedframe to buy is not usually a top recommendation for a romantic evening. But Ikea is special because it is more than a furniture warehouse. It is a well-oiled machine that understands consumer behavior remarkably well and is designed to deliver a quality experience for the customer. Personally, I am one of those individuals who would go to Ikea for fun, and I have made some observations about why the experience is so desirable for me.

1) Ikea plays on the excitement of personalization

If you can, remember back to when you first got your own space to decorate as you please. Think back to your first room. Your first college residence. Your first apartment. Your first office. Your first house. For many, this is a very exciting time because you can make the space your own and manifest yourself into a larger area. Ikea knows this and designs the shopping experience around it. Ikea’s show rooms display wonderful possibilities and opportunities for interior spaces. You can sit in and cherry pick from your options, creating your dream home in your mind. I can attest to the excitement of both planning an ideal residence for ones-self or with a significant other. Perhaps I just got lucky on the compatibility.

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