Migliorare la customer experience attraverso la responsabilizzazione dei dipendenti

NOTA AICEX: il miglioramento della customer experience in ogni azienda passa necessariamente attraverso miglioramento della responsabilizzazione dei dipendenti. Prima di tutto è però necessario comprendere l’attuale livello di empowerment cercando di comprendere se e come i dipendenti si sentano responsabilizzati in termini di CX.


I read an article last week on employee empowerment by Annette Franz. She reflected on the merits of employee empowerment and also provided excellent examples of how employers can improve the customer experience by empowering their employees; she sites examples from the likes of Ritz-Carlton, Hyatt and Diamond Resorts, to name a few. Before employers institute ways to improve employee empowerment, however, they need to understand the level of empowerment their employees currently experience. How do employers know if their employees feel empowered? An effective way is to simply ask them.

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Come misurate l’Employee Engagement?

NOTA AICEX: gestire e misurare il coinvolgimento dei dipendenti diventa sempre più cruciale. Nickie Hawton ci mostra come disegnare ed utilizzare una survey di Employee Engagement.


One of my closest friends is a teacher, who is absolutely dedicated to the job and loves seeing young people thrive and learn. The school has an excellent academic reputation and a very strong sense of community. However, poor communication and insensitive people management over the past couple of years have meant that trust in the senior team and morale in the staffroom have plummeted and good, experienced teachers have left in their droves and taken jobs in other schools. Apart from a few stalwarts, most of the people who have made the school what it is will soon have left. Rebuilding the depth and strength of the previous team, if it can be achieved, will be costly – and take many years.