Perchè la Relazione è importante anche nell’era “Mobile”

Customer Service Depends on Relationships Even in the Mobile Age

AICEX SUMMARY: Ai tuoi clienti può anche non interessare che diventiate amici!

People access the internet on mobile devices more often than desktop computers, and that trend started years ago. It’s also been well over a year since “mobilegeddon,” when Google updated its algorithms to penalize websites without mobile counterparts.

With so many websites shifting to responsive design, consumers now turn to the mobile web and apps to address online shopping needs. Early adopters make purchases directly from their smartphones. Others use mobile devices to quickly look up items, consume product-specific content and discuss options with peers — any time, anywhere.

The mobile browsing experience is remarkably different from surfing via desktop, and it’s about much more than screen size. It’s about immediacy and creating “micro moments” along the journey to purchase. A recent study shows that 63 percent of adults in the United States use their mobile devices several times in a given month to obtain customer support. Ninety percent of them reported poor experiences when interacting with customer support via mobile.

To maximize sales, customer satisfaction, repeat business and referrals, you must master the art of customer service for mobile. Here are three mobile realities to keep in mind, along with a few tips to help you handle them.

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UX e Strategia


AICEX: Un post con temi ancora Super attuali

By Kyra Friedell

Recently I went to the UX Roles and Titles: What do they mean? panel hosted by IxDA TC (Interaction Design Association, Twin Cities). Panelists’ titles ranged from UX Designer to VP of Experience and Engagement. While some distinguished their role as largely visual by nature others described their position as research and strategy-heavy. I was intrigued by the unspoken interplay of User Experience versus Strategy.

Before I dive into the relationship between strategy and UX, an understanding and definition of how UX and Strategy fit together seems necessary.
I’ve spent an unreasonable amount of time engrossed in debates over the rhetoric used around UX and Strategy, however at the core I believe:

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