Quanto costa la Customer Experience?

Quando si parla di CX si pensa sempre al miglioramento del churn rate, all’advocacy, ma spesso si dimenticano gli enormi benefici economici che ne derivano.

We often talk about great customer experience as a means to unlock revenue: You retain customers, realize more of their lifetime value, and mobilize an army of word-of-mouth marketers. There’s another benefit to it that is equally valuable, though; and it’s one that’s not as often talked about.

This is: dramatically cutting the cost to serve your customers.


Think about how much an unhappy customer (before they churn) costs you. They call your help lines. They file support tickets. They return products. Each of these instances is a touchpoint that represents a real cost for you. And, depending on how you choose to resolve these instances (through refunds or discounts, for example), that cost could end up being quite high.

And, in the meantime, these same unhappy customers are likely to be telling others about their dissatisfaction. The White House Office of Consumer Affairs reports that unhappy customers will tell an average of 9 to 15 people about their experience — and 13% of those tell more than 20. This, in turn, creates a vicious cycle: As unhappy customers ward off potential new customers, you may be forced to invest more in your marketing and advertising, which means less to invest in your customer experience and more… unhappy customers.

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