Business Intelligence, Asset Management and Risk (Assessment) basato sul Decision Making. – Riskope

NOTA AICEX: Facciamo tanti sforzi per aumentare il fatturato, aumentare i Clienti, aumentare gli utili, ma talvolta non facciamo nulla per gestire i rischi che in un solo giorno posso compromettere anni di lavoro.

Today, more than ever, planners and decision makers are held accountable for outcomes often appearing to be beyond their control, generated by decisions made by others, which were made in different times and socio-economic, industrial and legal environments.

Complex and interdependent systems are difficult to grasp and understand.

Business systems have become overwhelmingly complex and interdependent and it is often difficult to gain clear understanding of their elements and operating conditions. However, decision makers can take better decisions, justify them, defend their selections and positions only if they clearly understand their systems and can properly understand their 360-degrees risk environment.

ORE delivers a focused road map for mitigative investment & decision making. In the picture 2 elements significantly require more attention than  the rest of the portfolio.

  • Example 1: how can a supplier decide to replace a specific machinery/vehicle in their factories/fleet if they do not know exactly where, how old, how many units they are talking about?
  • Example 2: how can an insurance company decide to move away from a certain type of coverage if they do not have a clear understanding of where that coverage is offered, to which amounts, etc…?

If examples 1,2 make you smile in disbelief, remember, they are real-life examples.

The architecture of hazard and risk registers is vital to ensure reasonable and reliable results of a risk assessment.

In the last two decades Riskope has honed the techniques necessary to model complex and interdependent business systems, compile well engineered hazard and risk register databases for each and every study, would it be a mining operation, a power generating system, a logistic network, commercial wharves, etc. Well before it became a ISO code (55000) and a buzz-word, we were preparing asset management reports for our clients, as subset of the overall 360-big-picture risk assessments. The complete procedure constitutes the core of ORE (Optimum Risk Estimates ©Riskope, also, of course, ISO 31000 principles compliant), the proprietary application that Riskope deploys for all clients requesting a holistic risk assessment and decision making support, world-wide.