I 5 benefici del Self-Service e Natural Language


AICEX: i sistemi di self-service si sono evoluti enormemente. Esploriamo alcuni benefici delle nuove tecnologie che comprendono anche il riconoscimento vocale e il voice to text.

When interacting with organisations, customers value convenience, speed and consistency above all.Self-service systems deliver in all three of these areas, which is leading to their widespread adoption on the web. But self-service isn’t stopping there. Advances in speech recognition and voice to text technology mean that companies are beginning to look beyond websites to applying self-service to channels such as the telephone, in the contact centre and to apps on mobile devices. This convergence opens up new opportunities for engagement and improving the customer experience.

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Alcuni validi esempi di come utilizzare i Big Data

NOTA AICEX: I Big Data sono come una medicina, perfetta a fronte di certi sintomi, ma non sono la panacea per tutti i mali.

IBM Watson

Big data is all the rage. Why? Harnessing the insights buried in the mountain of data to improve the experience for your customers is a huge opportunity.

Is it easy? No.

Is it worth it? Probably. But you won’t know by sitting on the sidelines.

The focus, from big data, is to not just meet customer expectations but to exceed them. What if your big data solution could communicate with customers in natural language? What if it could learn from customers with each interaction? What if your big data solution could engage with customers in ways they like? What if your solution could empower customers at the point of action?

This is not a pipe dream. This is happening now.

In the past two years, companies have internally grappled with this question of how to make big data and analytics relevant to the business, and how both can make payoffs on initial budgetary investments. In many cases, enterprises have seen big data and analytics pay off. Early successes have come in the form of summary dashboards that give C-level executives and middle managers instantaneous visibility on revenues, sales campaigns, and operational performance. But while companies have gotten their feet wet, vendors of big data and analytics also know that a new level of business relevance for analytics will soon be expected, and they are seizing the opportunity to deliver it. via IBM Watson: A shining example of how to take big data to the next level – TechRepublic. Continua a leggere “Alcuni validi esempi di come utilizzare i Big Data”