La nuova scienza del data-driven marketing

Nota Aicex: i big data sono parte integrante delle attività di marketing di molte aziende. Dopo aver capito i vantaggi ad essi connessi, le aziende sono ora pronte ad incorporarne l’uso nelle loro strategie e trasformare il marketing in data-driven.

Big data is now an integral part of most marketing executives’ vocabulary. After realizing the advantages data can provide, forward- thinking marketers are embracing big data and quickly incorporating its use into their strategies. This shift towards big data is rapidly evolving our industry from traditional marketing to a more advanced world of data-driven marketing.

In this new world of data-driven marketing, data should be looked at as a means to enhance and improve communication with customers across a number of channels, rather than just as a group of static facts. Data-driven marketing encompasses a breadth of marketing channels, including: direct mail, email, online, addressable media, omnichannel, display advertising and any form of marketing where the customer can be identified and directly (or even indirectly) contacted.

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