Buoni sconto: aiutano davvero il business?

NOTA AICEX: Buoni sconto, questi sconosciuti. Protagonisti incontrastati degli ultimi anni, sembrano essere indispensabili per il successo di ogni attività commerciale: ma è proprio così? 


People don’t kill businesses. Coupons kill businesses.

While I don’t believe the above sentiment will become a hit bumper sticker anytime soon, the idea behind it is still valid. Maria Minsker of CRM Magazine says it this way, “If companies aren’t careful, the coupons currently flooding the Internet could turn discounts into disasters.”

Marc Ostrovsky, author of Word of Mouse, further elaborates:

Overcouponing isn’t just a question of the quantity of offers; it’s a question of quality as well. Mainly, it becomes a problem when brands aren’t mindful of what offers they’re distributing, how they’re distributing them, who’s receiving them, and how they are being used.

With millennials embracing, nay demanding, coupons, beware the discount’s deadly potential.



AICEX Customer Experience Italian Association

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