3 Simple Usability Tests You Should Run This Week

NOTA AICEX: i test di usability sono davvero utili per testare il design e la navigabilità dei siti web ma anche l’email marketing e, non da ultima, la customer experience online. Del resto, quante volte vi è capitato di imbattervi in un sito di e-commerce la cui usability era totalmente da riscrivere?

Usability Testing isn’t just for gathering insight on live websites – you should use it to improve email marketing, design usable navigation and truly understand online Customer Experience.

1. Email Campaigns

Email Campaign Testing is becoming popular with marketeers who want user insight to drive improvements to their email campaigns by:

  • helping them understand how different segments react to subject lines and body content
  • ensuring the user journey from email to web is frictionless, consistent and persuasive
  • providing assurance that embarrassing “gotchas” are covered, such as contradictory pricing on email and web.

Watch the video clip below to see Email Campaign Testing in action (for a travel brand).

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