CX Omnichannel ancora “lenta” per Finanza, Salute, Pharma e Servizi Governativi

AICEX SUMMARY: L’analisi è relativa agli USA ma anche in Europa la situazione è simile.

The omnichannel customer experience is nothing new, especially in the consumer and retail industries. Many companies and brands are using data and automation technologies to engage seamlessly with their customers at any time and place and across any device.

At the same time, omnichannel doesn’t mean digitizing every aspect of the customer journey without regard to which channel is best-suited for customer needs at each stage. The recent news of Google Compare shutting down is a great example of this.

The search engine giant’s entry into — and quick exit from — financial services proves one thing: Even with all the data and insights in the world, customer value is not based solely on price or convenience. Rather, “comprehensive answers” related to insurance, mortgage and other financial products are largely best served by professionals who can provide high-touch interactions with customers across channels, online and off.

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Multichannel vs Omnichannel Marketing










AICEX: Il discorso fila bene in ambito Digital, ma quando parliamo di interazioni fisiche il discorso è meno immediato.

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Under the impact of digital advancements and technological opportunities, consumer decision-making journey has been rapidly changed towards higher level of complexity and cross-channel options. During recent years, while researchers have still been trying to map and explain multi-channel journey (Wolny and Charoensuksai, 2014), relatively new term “omni-channel” has appeared with the support of latest technology and widely discussed in marketing practitioners around the world (Rigby, 2011; Fluss, 2014). Both terms lead to corresponding marketing approaches of multi-channel and omni-channel marketing. In an effort to understand the difference between these approaches, I started wondering whether it is necessary for marketers to separate two terms anymore in the context of constantly evolving technology because multi-channel marketing will soon disappear and be completely replaced by the more valuable omni-channel marketing.

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