Ricerca HBR: state facendo Customer Experience Innovation ?

NOTA AICEX: Innovare nella Customer Experience sta diventando un termine molto utilizzato. Chi sono le aziende che innovano correttamente? 

“Innovation” has become a buzzword in the customer experience field.

In a Forrester survey of 100 customer experience professionals, nearly half of respondents said that their executive team’s strategy for customer experience is market differentiation. And an ambitious 13% said that they’ll settle for nothing less than having the best customer experience across every industry — in other words, these companies want to be the next Apple, Disney, or Zappos.

They also believe that innovation will help them achieve these lofty goals — and they’re investing accordingly. Sixty-nine percent of these respondents report that their companies have dedicated personnel for customer experience innovation. Sixty-four percent have allocated time to innovation activities. And 55% have dedicated innovation budgets.

Are their investments paying off? A whopping 73% of interviewees say they plan to launch innovative customer experiences in the upcoming year — and two-thirds believe that they already have.

Customer Innovation Survey Results

These numbers sound promising — but they just don’t add up.

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