Ecco cosa stanno sbagliando Apple, Google, e Tesla


But that doesn’t mean Norman isn’t critical of the direction of Silicon Valley’s powerhouse companies often celebrated for merging technology and design. In a casual, stream-of-consciousness conversation with Co.Design, Norman dissected what’s wrong with Apple, Google, Microsoft, and, as a little bonus we pushed for, Tesla.


In 2015, Norman penned a scathing review of Apple’s design. We asked if he’d seen the company improve since then.

“I think Apple’s products have gotten worse, not better.

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UX e Strategia


AICEX: Un post con temi ancora Super attuali

By Kyra Friedell

Recently I went to the UX Roles and Titles: What do they mean? panel hosted by IxDA TC (Interaction Design Association, Twin Cities). Panelists’ titles ranged from UX Designer to VP of Experience and Engagement. While some distinguished their role as largely visual by nature others described their position as research and strategy-heavy. I was intrigued by the unspoken interplay of User Experience versus Strategy.

Before I dive into the relationship between strategy and UX, an understanding and definition of how UX and Strategy fit together seems necessary.
I’ve spent an unreasonable amount of time engrossed in debates over the rhetoric used around UX and Strategy, however at the core I believe:

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