Customer Effort Score – a better way to measure customer experience

This post is by Eric Dupuy, the President of Business Development at Teleperformance EMEA

My last blog on Customer Effort Score (CES) touched a nerve. People seem to be really interested in this subject yet it doesn’t appear to be a commonly used measurement yet.

I found a blog that attempts to explain how to use Customer Effort Score effectively and I was struck by the initial explanation. Imagine telling your team that their Net Promoter Score isn’t very good. Of course that is a measure of the overall customer experience, but just telling the team that the scores are low and need to be better doesn’t really help much. It doesn’t act as a guide for improving the customer experience.

What everyone involved in customer service knows is that if you make if difficult for customers to interact then they will give up. As the effort increases, the chances of the customer being satisfied decrease. It’s really that simple, so by measuring CES you can find some of the pressure points in the overall process – the exact points where your service is lacking.

The most basic question you need to ask customers is how much effort it was for them to interact with you – on the website or on a call for example. But then this needs to be compared to how much effort they expected it to be.

That’s an important measure because most people have an expectation that it will not be very easy to make their comment or complaint. Compare it to when you last went to the cinema. If your expectations are low because you read some poor reviews then an average movie can feel OK and satisfying. If you go in with high expectations and see an average movie then it’s a poor experience.

So don’t forget how important it is to benchmark what customers expect to how much effort they actually expended when interacting with your brand. It could provided a much better idea of your own CES.

Effort II

Photo by Ramunas Geciauskas licensed under Creative Commons




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