Sounds like the Holy Grail right? Every business would like that write up. And in retail – it’s possible. If you ASK for it………
Take the supermarket chain, who wants to be the nicest and easiest shopping destination, with the best service. EXCEPT, THEY ASK FOR a certain “items per minute” from their cashiers which means your goods are thrown at you……….
Take the clothing apparel retailer, who hire the BEST staff, real good-looking types who will make their experience ‘cool’. EXCEPT, THEY ASK FOR an industry leading stock loss, which means their staff spend more time following potential thieves and re-folding stock than actually giving a good service…..
Take the mobile handset manufacturer who wants to grow market share, yet cuts the budget on Field Team Support and outsources their service centres to a third party. THEY ARE ASKING FOR…customers to choose another brand of handset.
Take the mobile network who wants to give the greatest level of customer service, EXCEPT, THEY ASK FOR a 20% cut in store budgets leaving lots of customers to go unattended and unloved. WORSE STILL, they align their commission scheme to new customers only, meaning after care for existing customers is ignored and NPS scores plummet…..
It is natural human nature to “do what you are asked to” yet many Heads of Retail, Marketing Chiefs and Store Operation Leaders forget to join the dots right back to WHAT YOU ARE ASKING FOR…….
A solid commission, bonus, incentive and reward scheme is ESSENTIAL in every retail business, CONTACT ME if you’d like to know how I’ve inspired double digit growth increases by aligning correctly your goals with your retail people…………
What is the best REWARD scheme you have seen in retail???



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