10 Things Mom Can Teach Us About Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Now that we’re adults, most of us are ready to admit that the advice our mom gave us was actually pretty good. “Eat your vegetables. Wear a coat when it’s 30-degrees outside. Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Stop frowning, you’ll get wrinkles.” It all actually makes sense now.

Many successes in life have been and continue to be built from the best advice mom gave us. For example, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson says the best advice he ever received was from his mom, Eve, who told him to never look back, than any setback was just a learning curve toward the next best thing. In his blog on the Virgin website, Branson notes he still asks his mom for advice and uses all that he has received to shape his life and business decisions (Read Richard Branson: 5 Lessons from My Mum).

Branson certainly isn’t the first to give his mom credit for shaping business best practices. Extreme Networks CMO Vala Afshar shared three keys to social media success stemming from mom’s best advice in a Huffington Post blog last year. They were listen carefully; share with friends and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Mom’s right on the money.

So when we think about all the things that go into an exceptional customer service experience such as empathy, seeing an issue through to the finish and giving it your very best effort every time, much of mom’s best advice once again applies. Here are 10 things mom can teach us about delivering exceptional customer service:

  1. “Always do your best.”
  2. “It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.”
  3. “Make everyone feel important.”
  4. “Always finish what you start.”
  5. “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
  6. “Be kinder than necessary. You never know what’s someone else is going through.”
  7. “It’s the little things that make all the difference.”
  8. “Never do anything you wouldn’t want to see printed on the front page of the newspaper.”
  9. “Never forget to say thanks.”

And number ten is my favorite, because it’s always easy to talk the talk, but it takes a lot of commitment and passion to walk the walk:

10. “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.”

Thanks to all those who are striving to deliver exceptional customer service, and for all your good advice and all you do for others, Thanks Mom.

SOURCE: http://customerthink.com/10-things-mom-can-teach-us-about-delivering-exceptional-customer-service/



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